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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Valentine's Day! Any ideas?

Every year it's the same story: Valentine's Day is coming and I still have no idea what to buy my partner as a gift. A jewel? A watch? Flowers? Woah, it all sounds so boring... How could I tell him/her "Happy Valentine's Day" without being repetitive?

Well, let me give you an nice idea for Valentine's Day: make some love chocolate and cakes with your own two hands! Don't buy them, just make them by your own! Your partner, wheter a boy or a girl, will surely appreciate it, 'cause it'll come from your heart, not from your wallet.
In order to make everything simplier here are some heart-shaped moulds and cake tins to create your 'sweet' moment of love for Valentine's Day.
Want to make the atmosphere even more romantic? Put this Valentine's Day candle on the table and make your candlelight dinner special!

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