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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hibiscus flowers: what's new in 2010?

Those of you who already know what hibiscus flowers are may know them especially as ingredient for a special herbal tea called 'karkadé'.

Well, starting from 2010, hibiscus flowers can boast a new, original and delicious use: eatable decors for cocktails and, most of all, for champagne! Yes people, eatable! And believe me, in champagne they're something special!
Hibiscus flowers are conserved in a syrup whose only ingredients are water and Australian cane sugar. The hibiscus flower is used for many matches in cocktails and dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Hibiscus' taste reminds of raspberry and rhubarb. Just take one of them, put it into a goblet, add some champagne, and enjoy it! Thanks to bubbles th hibiscus flower will open, and you will see passion in your glass. Have a special Valentine's Day toast with the hibiscus flower!

The hibiscus syrup takes its colour to the hibiscus itself, it doesn't contain additives nor preservatives, so the hibiscus syrup is completely natural!
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