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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day gift: Fish Menu with Hibiscus Flowers

Mother's Day comes once on a year! Celebrate your mother with something different, something special!
Today we suggest you a very special fish menu added with an extra element: hibiscus flowers in syrup. Follow this menu, or just take inspiration from it, and show your love to your mother with these amazing eatable flowers!


Wild Champagne - champagne with hibiscus flower in syrup

Crisp slices of common whitefish with red fruit and hibiscus flowers salad; Brut Champagne

First course

Risotto with champagne, shrimps, and hibiscus flower's syrup; pink Champagne

Main course
Slices of swordfish cooked on a griddle with hibiscus vinegar
Blue cheese with an hibiscus flower; Tradition Brut Champagne

Aspic and its aromas
Fruit frozen powder: banana, pear, grapefruit, plum, praline-coated nut powder
Chocolate balls
Demi-Sec Tradition Champagne