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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ferran Adria is gonna stop for some time

That's true, a genius still remains a human being, then even a genius must rest sometimes. This is the case of Ferran Adria, the Spanish molecular gastronomy genius who invented the spherification method and the spherification kit.

Praised by many and put down by many others, he lately decided he will need a couple of years for his culinary research, more precisely from 2012 to 2014. During this period his restaurant El Bulli will stay closed, while he be working at El Taller laboratory.

Now, who else in the world, as a chef, can afford to stop for 2 years?? I guess no one else then Ferran Adria.
In the last few years his work has been sometimes strongly criticized, especially because of some doubts about hygiene and toxicity. Doubts that eventually came out to be groundless.

Besides any opinion, it's still amazing to see a man who lives his passions in such a strong way that he even parts with money, a lot of money. That's why I respect him.

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