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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Bag - No more ice buckets

You and your woman go out to a good restaurant for a romantic dinner. You order a bottle of Champagne. The waiter brings the bottle into a big, heavy, grey ice bucket... Hey wait a moment! Big, heavy, and grey??? Where's the romance in all that?!?!? For sure, there MUST be something better than these things!

Well, yes, actually there IS something better. Way much better: the Ice Bag.

Ice Bag is a brand new product that works as a common ice bucket, but that's better than it: lighter, smaller, much cheaper (around 20€-30$ an ice bucket, no more than 3.60€ the Ice Bag, according to the model), and foldable and space-saver, which means that when you don't need it you can store about 10 of it in the same place of only one ice bucket. You don't believe it? Then check the Ice Bag video.

The Ice Bag is also much more pleasant to see, since it can be added with some special features, like decors or bright glow ice cubes.
Believe me, I've seen girls and ladies who went shopping with the Ice Bag and bottles of water in it!

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